aka Brian's Back Door

aka Brian's Back Door
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The Yomogitorium is a repository for those bits that didn't quite make it to the Imaginatorium. (Are you that desperate?) But also some bric-a-brac and work-in-progress.

Here's the proper stuff . . .

The Imaginatorium

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Sano Gallery - local interest; images and text
The Blinkered Empiricist's Bookshelf - well, mine, actually

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The jeKai project

Working ideas
Jagaimo (suggestion)
Jagaimo2 (another)
jeKai style notes

jeKai test page

My digital art

Brian's Bookshelf
Brian's Bookshelf

Longest word in Japanese (??)



Photo answers


Vagabond camera

The Photoforum
camera project

Self portrait

Quick, get me to the naughty bits

No, not a quiz - help wanted

Colour variations
Wani question

ASCII art is not dead,
merely yellowing . . .


Ask a scientist corner No. 5

What is the hardest shape to pick up with chopsticks?

A: A regular tetrahedron, since it has opposite faces furthest from parallel, even in the best case.

Old scientists

4. What is a "close-up filter"?

3. If we decided to recalibrate the calendar, what event in human history would we use as the start?

2. What single object is more commonly photographed in Japan than Mount Fuji?

1. What does a transformer do?

Oh, yes, and NewScientist...

What's a wheatie, anyway?

Has anyone noticed...

...the extraordinary resemblance
between the Mayors of
Tokyo and London?

Funny searches arriving at the Imaginatorium

The Workshop

(Odds and Ends)

Opera bug - animated gifs

Getting foamy - another gratuitous piccie
Smiley's portrait
March's girls of the day: Adriana and Vicky
February's girl of the day: Misako
January's boys of the day: Aki and Tomo