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Notes on design style in jeKai articles and for links to jeKai

The jeKai logo

Of course you may use this if you want to link to the jeKai home page.

(The pink background is just to show the effect of transparency, and isn't a recommended color!)

200 x 100 with jeKai blue background

200 x 100 transparent

200 x 100 button style

100 x 50 with jeKai blue background

100 x 50 transparent

100 x 50 button style

Notes (to be written!) by Tom Gally on the name, its origin, and preferred capitalization <g>

Style Suggestions

These are preliminary suggestions by Brian Chandler

The design aim is simplicity: we provide text and some illustrations, but no fancy graphics or the like. The basic design elements are the logo, and the color scheme, and possibly the vertical division of the page into two columns in a 30:70 ratio. This last is a bit dubious because I haven't yet found any specification of what the "width" tag is supposed to be interpreted as, and Netscape notoriously has its own odd ideas about this. (Actually, we ought to use CSS, I suppose, and it's on my personal list of things to sort out.)

Anyway, the colors:

jeKai blue
jeKai background
text (black)

The above is the thin separator rule, and below the ordinary one. Note, by the way, that these are extremely compact .gif files, of <100 bytes each.

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