This is a rambling and inchoate selection of things I might have found interesting at some point or another. Some are sorted under headings, uh, some aren't.

Japanese language links


Constant Lambert
Sheet Music Plus
Sheet Music1
Opera Japonica
Japanese: "Well temperament"
Japanese: Tempering links (lots!)
sci.math on scales
Tanishi-no-kai book on 'wasei' (cf Fujishiro-sensei)
Yuzuru (synopsis)
Voice ranges (in Dutch)

Books 'n' stuff

C&B Publishing

Science and Nature

Social spiders
The World of Richard Dawkins
"A habit of lies" (John Hewitt) - the wave model for cell motility
Susan Blackmore on memes
Social spiders
Plant names (Melbourne)
Goo's plant names (J/E/L)
John McCrone
John Robert Skoyles (London)
disputable claim on kana (Skoyles)
Talkorigins FAQ
Review - nonzero and global brain (David Sloan Wilson)
A Romantic Natural History
Dokudami page
more dokudami

Slime "intelligence" (newsci)
Slime "intelligence" (Guardian)
Skeptic's Refuge
Journal of Consciousness Studies
Qualia Manifesto (Ken Mogi)
Contra-Chomsky/Pinker references Why Chomsky, Pinker, and everyone else is wrong...!
... and review of Language and Problems of Knowledge
Alex Gross - largely rubbish, unfortunately. "Reason 1" demonstrates that he doesn't understand what 'grammar' means.
Technolatin phrase generator
Pomo garble generator
Larry Trask reviewing "The Atoms of Language"
Paul Taylor on Steven Rose
Recognising other races
Bees dance (SciAm)
Arabic numerals
"CJV Language" page (days of week etc.)
Tree of life taxonomy classification (K Ross)


Detlef Haberland
"All about Kaempfer" (Kyushu U.)
Ginkgo - "at least 5000 years"!!
Jeff Blackadar - on growing them

Photographs (galleries) (Unmoderated q&a)
Photography equipment reviews
Photoforum gallery
Photozone - EOS lenses
The Photography of Tony Quinlan
Lilie Ivanova (erotiske blomster!)
Bill Dudley
Roberto Herrett
Bob Talbot
Dan Van Loh
Antonio Carrus

Another avenue (Phillip Greenspun)
Wires in USA (Dave Nance)
Photo contest (Japan) - horizontal scrolling
Third-party compatibility site
More Sigma compatibility
Nikon glossaries Photo-Japan
sprezzatura (Austin Burbridge)
Voth Photo - 50mm lens

Optics and imaging

"S polarized light"
Panorama software (Helmut Dersch) - Wide Angle Perspectives - panorama reference
Photo calculator softward Imaging Glossary of Terms
Nikon EU manuals (pdf)
Bokeh - technicalMerklinger
Photographic Materials and Processes ( review)
Japanese camera terms
Old aperture systems


DVD Regions PSP users gp
htpasswd - The Web Developer's Journal
htpasswd entry
webring cgi commands
Harm's tiling stuff
Talkgraphics BBS
Gliftic image SFX
Web Graphics on a budget
Javascript tutorial
BESTofWEB - Free Clip Art
Travel clip art - flags and suchlike
Picture and symbol fonts
mondegreen (sora-mimi)
XML intro
goo category for Japanese webstuff
javascript (Netscape)
javascript (DevEdge - "start here")
javascript reference manual !!! (perhaps)
Regular expressions - CSS

CSS browser support chart
Why advertising won't work
Kanji URLs
The Demoroniser (Micro$haft mender)
Unicode spec
HTMLHelp - headers for Japanese (Liam Quinn)
"Myth of separation of style and content"
Scott's stuff on Linux
Migrating from Photoshop to Gimp (and getting away from PS's stupid "inch" dimensions)
Remote form processing
Email header encoding RFC

Terrorist patents and other insanity

Amazon's 'one-click' patent
Internet Patents: Giving Away the Store by Bryan Pfaffenberger
Moglen "Free Software and the Death of Copyright"
The Coming Software Patent Crisis: Can Linux Survive? by Bryan Pfaffenberger
Hey Ho, GIFs Must Go!
League for Programming Freedom
Some myths about intellectual property
Breaking of Cyber Patrol (4)
BT patent on hyperlink Copy
How to Play DVDs with any Region Code on Windows 98 John Walker
Magic energy maigic health
Niels Ferguson (DMCA: Dutch cryptographer)
Scientific American article on Sklyarov
Rubin (simplistic twit: why don't the military take on spam and cancer as well?)
Security Systems Standards and Certification Act (SSSCA)
Copyright in a Frictionless World
Ken Thompson on "Trust" (compiler bugging)

Miscellaneous Fun

Tobin Bridge panorama
calendars and stuff
Collocated in an Internet Exchange by WebPros (What does it mean?)
Merriam-Webster - Japanese addresses etc.
Brian's Bookshelf!
Xenu Link checker (Tilman Hausherr)
List of species (unchecked)
The Argerich Conspiracy
Fibonacci ("math library")
"phi most irrational" (newsgroup thread)
Marjorie Rice - pentagon tiling
More pentagon tiling!
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Maths word origins
ISBN checksum
"Adventitious angles"
Odd property of -5
Stuff on units (Gérard P. Michon)
Marilyn goat - "is wrong"

Tokyo food
The B.O.O.K. (part of Chris' [sic] book reviews)
Fallows on economics
GeoMedia map projections
Peter Dana map projections
Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names
All About Love (Mark Arnest)
Udo Jepsen (Creatour)
Fuel names
Black screens! - web design
Prediction - of technology 20 years in advance (Arthur Clarke: geostationary satellites)
Book-a-minute (for the extra busy reader)
Italiano translation resources
English books etc (
News on Japan dot com
"International animal sounds" (!)
Jeremy Smith BrE/AmE stuff
Japanese name readings
Film edge codes
The last page (of the Internet)
Harold Somers
Casting Kyoto mus. link
More kettles
Tom Baker five books
Japlish page
Getty gazeteer
Stammtisch Beau Fleuve

AmE-BrE automobile terms
Chinese transliteration
Imaginatorium too boring for you? Try this version
Willkommen in Satrup
Mike Reed's hilarious Flame Warriors
Bob's fun page (don't miss the toilets)
Like, you know, the gallery
Below the Beltway
(Better than average) musical jokes
Grand Illusions (see Netscape search Naked Japanese lady)
Necker cube
Universal (Androidal) grammar - answer to Everything!
Towboat sequence


Allaire (Homesite)
BodyPainting Links Index
Bodypainting zodia
Green Gables (Norman Havens)
Peter Evans
Wolfie's adventures with Gonbei
Sony Professional Electronics
U.S. Trademarks
Victor Image
Win 95-98 Graphics
Photo World (J)
Nikon lenses

Japanese and character codes (Mark Rosenfelder) - "Yingzi" (English kanji)
Postage rates
Geoffrey Sampson
Scientology - the actual truth
Michael Cash (gaijin webring)
Nupedia open encyclopedia
car size codes

Fame and notoriety

McJunk Food
Cursor clock
Halsema diary (1940: Japan, China)
Can humans think? (Turing test)


Algebra Gelfand ...


Yradier (composer of the habanera)

"First conkers link moved here" (PE)

Kepler and the spheres

Invisible Architecture by Bonnie Goldstein DeVarco
Kepler bio
Book: Hargittai, I., Fivefold Symmetry Singapore: World Scientific, 1992
Impossible objects photos (Sugihara-san)
The Platonic ratios (at last!!)
Penrose tiles
Hop's (Escher) tiles
The Geometry Junkyard

Jigsaw puzzles

American jspz soc
Beverly (note spelling)
Links to mfrs (Japanese)
Sunlike (=Road)
Jigsaw puzzle BBS


xenu2000 Scientology stuff
International animal sounds
alltheweb search engine
MT in Wired
biretta description
fresheye J search - prints off the web

Other Brian Chandler links !!

Brian Chandler in Buffalo, NY
Brian Chandler writes for the Beaufort Gazette
Brian Chandler is a disc jockey!
Brian Chandler Crain is only seven, but he's written a story!
Sir Brian Chandler !! - his family tree
Brian Chandler was hanged in Durham gaol in 1958. (Story)
Brian Chandler (Texas)
Brian Chandler is the area forester for the eight Florida Parishes of southeast Louisiana.
Brian "Moulie" Chandler (second pic)
Brian Chandler ... this could be you !
Brian Chandler
Brian Chandler
Brian Chandler

Japan - general interest

Schauwecker's Guide
Ed Jacob's infrequently asked questions
Tokyo Classified - guide to buying from
Tatebayashi art gallery

Map projections and aspect ratios

Aspect ratios / golden wossname (excellent sceptical article)
Film aspect ratios
Making schematic maps of Japan


Java tuner - applet for temperament stuff
Joe Wolfe (UNSW) - acoustics stuff

Gondole di Venezia
Photo of prow

Personal links

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Photo-Me update
Friends Unit Trust
Atomz search report
Network shop (Aki, rec. Wolfie)
Honyaku search
Nihongo-computing mailing list
Space Station tracker
Physics Auckland International nDeva

Search ebay 24mm lens
ebay: photo equip

Search Canon 200mm lens
Canon 200mm (Nov 20)
alphabetstreet (UK books)

Amazon photo auctions
Ebay - meccano magazine

HTML validator
HTML validator(
htmlhelp BBS
Javascript bbs
JimTool page sizer
Globe self-portrait
Growing parsnips (Japanese)
TOEFL Centers - making money from circles
Map - Horigome
Friends Prov UT
fj newsgroups
shiki ML
SAL (Post Office)
British Embassy Tokyo - Consular
Geometry - racetrack shape sci.math thread

handset (honyaku)

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