Mystery kanji

Dragon (wani)

Another question about wani. This casting in a local temple has carved on the rear of the stone block: (right-to-left, in other words, I've reversed them) 鰐口連[X] where the "X" is a mystery. The picture on the right is my crude drawing: can anyone suggest what it is? The other characters are fairly ordinarily readable, except that the kuchi has a rather odd dot above it.
Since it's a fountain, one of my kids' suggestion of shizuku seems rather inspired, since it would be "wani-mouth-continuous-droplets", but it still seems rather partial. (When I realised it was written right-to-left, I sort of wondered if they'd run out of money to pay the stone-mason, but no, surely...

I'd be grateful for any suggestions to me, "Brian at"