Actually, I didn't take this picture, and no, it isn't Keiko, and, er, I found it on the Web, and "it is believed to be in the public domain," as they say.

Something interesting here, though. Before this picture would meet the rigorous standards required on this website, I had to rotate it through about five degrees to make the sea horizontal. Now presumably (at least) two people were involved in this shooting session. One, the photographer, obviously a man, obviously with his trousers on, armed with a bundle of fancy camera equipment - he has the hard job of taking the picture. The other person, a girl, plainly, just has to take her clothes off. Yes, but which one of them knows about holding the camera level??

Anyway, on the off chance that you thought you were coming to confess something, enter your name and click the button. Don't worry, your email address and credit card number have been recorded automatically. Thank you.

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Oh, yeah, the confessional is another bit of artwork from ArtToday, plus a lot of cleaning up by me.